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education in the urban slums and rural areas


Schools for the poorest kids in the areas!


Since 2006 ASHA has been sponsoring some twenty rural schools of a local NGO, Sabalamby in Netrakona (North Bangladesh).

These schools are essential to ASHA's strategy to combat poverty: for education (in addition to employment) is the key word for ASHA in its efforts to put an end to the jumble of poverty!

Since the continuous search for sponsoring was putting a far too heavy burden on the shoulders of the ASHA-volunteers, we were striving at a more permanent answer to the problem and a solution was found!

A large European textile company was willing to take its social responsibility in the country of production and implement their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The company was interested in taking over the ASHA sponsoring of the Sabalamby schools. This cooperation resulted in the company's sponsoring of no less than 70 schools till the end of 2013!

Each school can provide education for 30 children for many years to come! 70 x 30 = 2.100 children and their 70 teachers now have new HOPE for a better future!


Computer training in urban slums is a dream come true!


In 2010 ASHA started a new cooperation project. For a long time ASHA had been looking to take action against the digital deprivation of young people living in the slums of Dhaka. Whereas we can hardly exist without e-mail communication, Facebook, or the available information we get from Google, millions of girls and boys are excluded from this fast growing IT evolution due to extreme poverty they are born in. They just know about the possibilities of this technology from hearsay. The digital gap seriously mortgages their personal development and their future. Thanks to the active support from YouBridge (www.youbridge.org) ASHA has started a computer training centre.

During 20 weeks two groups of 10 young people each can now follow an initiation course in Word, Excel and the Internet. The training is entirely sponsored by ASHA. The portables are donated by YouBridge and this organisation has hereby added another student country to their list of countries active in Asia. The young students are wildly enthusiastic. For a number of them, ASHA's new IT-initiative is a first step to further education or job opportunities. In the meantime ASHA's IT-centre has given new HOPE to more than 60 young people surviving in the urban slums.


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