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Fair Trade project in Bangladesh.


ASHA, ‘HOPE’ you said?


ASHA means "HOPE" in Bengali and the word exactly illustrates the objective of our organisation in Bangladesh: give hope to the very poor living in the urban slums of Dhaka and the villages in the rural areas.


Thanks to close friends that have been living and working in Bangladesh for years and who speak Bengali we learned about these hopeless situations. Some of us visited Bangladesh and were immediately convinced that HOPE can be created by developing feasible projects.


In 2006 ASHA was founded with the aim to put an end to the jumble of poverty. For ASHA, education and employment are two important triggers to combat poverty. ASHA started a financing program to start and support small-scale employment initiatives. This resulted in an embroidery workshop in Dhaka which has created most jobs.


Since 2011 these projects have become a fair trade company positioning itself in social economy: the founding members of ASHA PROJECTS LTD decline any profit, make employment a priority and renounce capital compensation and consider the employment of underprivileged people as emancipation and development opportunities.


» Education in urban slums and rural areas


» Embroidery workshop


» Employment initiatives



ASHA is acknowledged by the Ommersteyn Foundation and by Caritas International.


















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